• WorkForce/HR
    - Potential Hire students report
    - Save on training costs and hire students who have successfully contributed to your organization.

  • Compliance
    - Clinical Compliance of Students
    - Affiliate agreement Compliance and tracking
    - Student compliance such as Consent document with electronic signature of the students, completed forms upload by students

  • Community Benefit
    - Dollar reporting for tax-exemption with IRS Form 990
    - Be able to support paper trails of an IRS audit on Community Benefit reports

  • Education/Placement Coordinator
    - Many of your manual tasks will be automated such as sending the schedule to the Unit/Floor manager or preceptors.
    - Remove the clutter of paper and be more efficient with your time.

  • Students
    - Be able to receive information on scheduled rotations such as orientation information, assigned evaluator. Etc.
    - Provide electronic consent to hospital and university on specific documents.

  • Announcements
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