Streamlined Process for your Clinical Placements

myClinicalExchange is an innovative platform specifically geared for centralizing clinical placement by leveraging webbased cloud technologies. This platform can be adopted by individual Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Consortiums, Workforce Development, and other organizations healthcare students’ Clinical Placement. The open – platform concept allows Hospitals and Universities to work with any of their affiliated partners, their students and their Preceptors in an organized and streamlined fashion.

Our clients are utilizing the myClinicalExchange platform to track clinical rotations and compliance across student programs including Nursing (ADN, BSN, MSN, LPN, NP/FNP), Speech, PT, OT, Pharmacy, Lab, Medical, Physician Assistants, and many more. Please click on each tab below for more information on the features of each stakeholder.


    myClinicalExchange is a unique platform that facilitates the many aspects of Clinical Rotations including the ability to:
  • Streamline the process of Requesting and Approving/Declining Rotational Requests across disciplines (Nursing, Pharmacy, PT, OT, Speech);
  • Track & Ensure Students Compliance - Student Compliance can be viewed with the click of a button. (You also have the opportunity to e-mail students a reminder on their missing items directly from the system!);
  • Automatically send documents to students for them fill out before they arrive for their first day of rotation. You can also quickly see if those student documents have been returned yet;
  • All Rotation information, including Compliance Information, is kept in the system. At any point, especially during an audit, that information is all in one place and easy to access;
  • No need to e-mail Students OR Preceptors rotational information. Each can log into the site themselves and view their rotation details. (By HIPPA Standards, each person may ONLY view what is pertinent to them and nothing more.);
  • Ability to track Community Benefit Hours; and
  • Ability to automatically send Surveys and Assessments to Students and Preceptors at the completion of a Rotation


  • Streamlined process for placements Requesting and Approving/Declining across disciplines
  • Documents Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Affiliation Agreement & Contracts Management
  • Surveys and Assessments to Students, faculties for each Rotation
  • Ability to maintain Course Catalog information with Clinical Objectives, Course Objectives
  • Clone placement requests and broadcast them to affiliated hospitals
  • Request and Rotations in a calendar format
  • Reports (Compliance, Affiliation agreements, Rotations & Requests, Attestation form and so on)


  • View Rotations schedule
  • Repository for your Immunizations informationM
  • Review and work on hospitals required paperwork
  • Clinical Journaling (coming soon)


  • Resolve requests conflict in a calendar format
  • Manage capacity for hospitals at program level
  • Ability classify the student experiences by customized classification
  • Reports

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